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Connecting Restaurants and Community Groups

We love getting surplus food to people who need it. Not all good food that needs a good home is suitable for us to collect but we can help match businesses with surplus with local community groups who feed vulnerable people. We were really pleased to do that recently to help our partners FABB (Food and Beverage Buggies) who take wholesome meals to homeless people in Norwich.

Ben Edwards from PRIME at the Edith Cavell got in touch to say he had off-cuts and trimmings from the steaks they sell in the restaurant that he didn't want to go to waste. We got in touch with FABB and now they have a regular relationship with PRIME. Head Chef Barry Wood freezes any leftover steak and the people at FABB transform it into delicious stews, casseroles and chilli for local homeless people.

When our partner organization Food Cycle got in touch to say that Pedro's Restaurant wanted to donate their stock to local community groups, we were able to help FABB again. This showed incredible kindness and community spirit from the team at Pedro's who were dealing with the loss of their business and jobs. But their generosity not only prevented food waste, it also helped to produce meals to feed vulnerable people in our city.

If you're a local restaurant or business who has surplus food then please get in touch. Whether it's a regular arrangement or a one-off donation, we can look at ways we can partner up or match you up with one of the many community groups we work with across Norwich.


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