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Meet our partners: St Mary's Parent, Baby and Toddler Group

We redistribute the surplus food we collect from retailers to local community groups. But how do these groups use this food? Nicky tells us how Norwich FoodHub helps the organisation she runs at St Mary's church:

"I help run a parent, baby and toddler group on a Monday morning. We are lucky enough to get all our fruit, and sometimes snacks, from Norwich FoodHub. This gives the children and families lots of chances to try different fruits that they sometimes wouldn't try at home. Fruit can be expensive so it helps families who may not be able to afford it."

"I am also a volunteer who works for Norwich FoodHub as a sorter. I weigh the food we get in and sort it out ready for the groups we work with to collect. I feel this is such a great way of stopping so much food going to waste."

This is just one of the many groups that we supply with surplus food each week, from charities helping the homeless and domestic abuse victims through to local groups offering community lunches and food banks.


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