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Meet our volunteers

This blog post is a dedication to our wonderful volunteers. It is so heartwarming to see our volunteers carry on collecting through these uncertain times. It has allowed us to carry on giving food to people who need it. We have set up guidelines regarding COVID-19 to help protect our volunteers and keep collections running.

We have accompanied together some testimonies from two new volunteers to help you get to know ‘ our volunteers’ and what we do.

We asked Kaz: “ what was the signing up process like?”

“ Signing up couldn’t have been easier I was signed up to the facebook group and the 10- 8 document which lists all the participating supermarkets and food collection slots that are available. I sent a photo for my ID, i could print my ID off at home and then get started straight away”

“ how are you finding the collections”?

“ I’ve found collections to be very COVID-19 secure, with both the FoodHub and supermarkets making it safe to collect, transport and store the goods. Commitment to collections can be as regular or infrequent as you like. You get to choose how many collections you carry out.”

We asked volunteer Matthew: “How are you finding the collections?”

“As I drive a fair bit for work, doing a few journeys around Norwich wasn’t an issue for me and I am blessed to have a large car suitable for transporting collections. My first collection went amazingly, with the shop assistant who helped me with collection singing praises of FoodHub”

“ What do you like about being a volunteer for Foodhub?”

“ It’s a really good feeling knowing that we have saved the amazing amount of food being given by our partner stores and it can be used to help others.... I would encourage anyone who has the time and wants to give something back to consider volunteering - there’s no pressure to make a minimum amount of collections so it can fit around you easily”.

If you would like to sign up to be a volunteer, follow this link and sign up today!


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