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NFH Most Wasted Food Menu

One of the biggest ways to reduce food waste is to utilise our leftovers in our fridges and refrigerators. Using these ingredients together can create some delicious dishes and reduce food waste at the same time.

The average UK household, with children, spends about £60 a month on food that is thrown away* – that's more than £700 a year.

With that in mind, we challenge you to try out our no food waste recipes to use up every inch of leftovers, from potato peel to the last few drops of milk in the carton.

Inspired by the UK’s most wasted foods, we have a delicious three-course meal for you to try out made out of some of the most wasted foods.


No-Lettuce Leftovers Salad

A beautiful mix of fresh salad leaves. Add in some juicy fruit and cheese for extra flavour. Click here for the recipe.


Zero Waste Veggie Pie

Using these simple ingredients check out this vegan and gluten-free Zero Waste Veggie Pie from Healthy Living. It will also easily feed 4 for under £10!

Chicken and Rosemary Pasta

A simple ragu using leftover chicken and fragrant rosemary. This recipe is perfect to use up your leftover chicken, for batch cooking and freezing leftovers for another day. Click here for the recipe.


Egyptian Bread and Butter Pudding (Om Ali)

Leftover bread or pastries? An Egyptian classic as old as time. Why not try this bread and butter pudding recipe.

For more traditional bread and butter pudding, check out Love Food Hate Waste’s recipe.

Have you tried any other recipes to help reduce food waste this week? Share with us photos of your meals and let us know how you have saved food from going to waste.

If you’re passionate about reducing food waste, sign up to become a Norwich FoodHub volunteer today.

All stats from the Household Food Waste Report by the food waste charity WRAP


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