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Reduce Waste Recipes: Beyond Banana Bread

Homes in the UK throw away 920,000 bananas a day. Given they’re the nation's favourite fruit, we don’t always show them the love they deserve. If lockdown has got you bored of banana bread, we explore some other ways to stop them from heading into the bin. Remember that reducing your food waste can also help you reduce your food costs. If you’ve found our tips useful and want to donate what you save, every donation helps us in our mission to reduce food waste and food poverty by getting surplus food to people who need it.

Satisfy that sweet tooth:

Use the skins:

Banana Bread:

  • If you can’t get enough banana bread, why not try one of our favourite recipes from the Guardian (@guardian).

  • Looking for a vegan version? Then why not try this one that we featured on our blog

If you’re passionate about reducing food waste, sign up to be a Norwich FoodHub volunteer today. Simply sign up for a collection slot, pick up the surplus food from your local retailer and then drop it off at our unit. With flexible timeslots, it’s easy to fit collections around a busy lifestyle. This food is then distributed to our local partners, who give it to those who need it most. Sign up to volunteer here.


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