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Top Tips to Reduce Food Waste from our FoodHub Volunteers

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Need some inspiration on how to save food from waste in your home? Read these easy tips from our volunteers to reduce your household food waste.

  • Squishy bananas? Slice, freeze, and then add to your smoothies to make them silky and thick – a healthy alternative to ice cream!

  • Boost your sauces with extra goodness. Instead of throwing away vegetable ends and offcuts, grate those unloved bits of veg into a tomato-based sauce and then blend.

  • Put your peel into a meal. Veg peelings and offcuts can be boiled up into a stock to make soup, stew, casserole, risotto, and other tasty meals.

  • Use before you buy. Make soup to use up all the old veg in your fridge drawer before buying more. You can even use the stock above to make your soup! See this recipe kindly provided by Karen Davis from NR2 Foodbank.

  • Stick it in a stir fry. Small bits and pieces of leftover veg can go a long way in a stir fry. Finely slice your discarded stalks and leaves from cauliflower, broccoli or cabbage, and add them too. If there are any rough outer bits to the veg, trim these off and use them to make the stock.

  • Hey Pesto! Old greens such as kale, beetroot leaves, rocket, broccoli, or even carrot tops can be blended with nuts, oil, garlic and cheese to make a pesto for your pasta.

  • Oh, crumbs – stale bread! Blitz or chop stale bread into breadcrumbs. Use them to thicken soup, add a layer of crunch onto your fish or chicken, as a topping for a casserole or macaroni and cheese, and many other tasty options. Stick them in a bag in the freezer for up to three months.

  • Liven up your eggs. Add bits of cooked or uncooked veg to bulk out your omelette or frittata. Use up a spare slice of ham, a rasher of bacon, and bits of cheese too.

Save money and help the environment by using the food you already have.

These food saving tips are courtesy of our wonderful volunteers – thank you for all your contributions.

If you have any food saving tips – we would love to hear them. Contact us via our social media channels (see below) or email us at

If you’re passionate about reducing food waste, sign up to be a Norwich FoodHub volunteer today. Simply sign up for a collection slot, pick up the surplus food from your local retailer and then drop it off at our unit. With flexible timeslots, it’s easy to fit collections around a busy lifestyle. This food is then distributed to our local partners, who give it to those who need it most. Sign up to volunteer here.


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