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Reduce Food Waste This Halloween

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

It’s that time of the year again. Ghoulish costumes, pumpkin spiced lattes and Jack O’ Lantern’s on every other porch in our neighbourhood. Halloween has well and truly arrived!

What is perhaps one of the most terrifying aspects of Halloween, however, is the amount of food waste accumulated due to pumpkin carving.

According to new research from sustainability charity Hubbub, 12.8 million pumpkins bought for decoration during Halloween are likely to be left uneaten. That’s equal to 67% of UK families throwing away one pumpkin each!

Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, pumpkins are very nutritious and worth saving from the bin. Let’s do more to make use of all the pumpkins we buy this year.

Check out these top tips from Love Food Hate Waste on how to store your pumpkin and keep it fresher for longer. This will help give you more time to use it all up and enjoy this nutritious fruit.

  • Cut the flesh into manageable chunks, wrap tightly and store it in the fridge. Ensure your fridge is at the right temperature (below 5 degrees Celsius).

  • Freeze the flesh to use at a later date. Mash or roast the pumpkin flesh before freezing and place in an airtight container or bag. Remember to add a label with its contents and date you froze it.

Why not try making some delicious recipes with your pumpkins?

Check out these 5 recipes to help reduce food waste this Halloween.

Pumpkin soup

When carving your pumpkins, use the pumpkin flesh to make this tasty pumpkin soup recipe from Love Food Hate Waste. Pumpkin soup freezes well-make a big batch and freeze in some re-usable containers. We also recommend garnishing with some toasted pumpkin seeds for a little added delicious crunch!

Pumpkin Hummus

Perfect as a dip with pitta bread! Try out this deliciously creamy hummus from BBC’s Good Food. Got other vegetables you need to use up in your fridge? Add some butternut squash or use other leftover veg that would complement the recipe.

Smoky Pumpkin Seeds

Crunchy, flavoursome roasted pumpkin seeds that are perfect for snacking and sprinkling in your dishes. Reduce your waste with this super simple recipe from Eating Well!

Pumpkin Seed Brownie

Still, got some pumpkin seeds left-over? ‘What yummier way to use up the seeds from your Halloween pumpkin? This recipe by John Quigley of Red Onion in Glasgow shows you how. Click here to follow the recipe’.

Pumpkin Spice Granola Muffins

Craving a pumpkin spice latte? Try these simple and fluffy spiced muffins topped with the crunchy granola-a perfect way to start your day.

Don’t forget other ways to reduce pumpkin waste include; pureeing the flesh, using the shell as a makeshift planter, using up the stringy bits for veggie broth or perhaps an organic cosmetic solution-pumpkin face or hair mask!

When your pumpkin is past its prime, please don’t forget to place it in a composting bin. If you have a food bin, consider recycling. By diverting organic waste materials from landfills and recycling it into compost we protect our environment! Carve it, eat it and recycle what’s left.

Have we convinced you to try some meals with pumpkin? Let us know which of these ideas have helped you reduce your food waste this Halloween by sharing a comment or photo of your recipes on our social media.

Happy Halloween!


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