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Veganuary inspiration

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

As veganuary is coming near to the end, you may be running out of ideas and have some random leftovers in the fridge and cupboard. Plus we are all wanting to use everything up to minimise leaving the house to be as safe as possible.

So to give you some inspiration we have a take on vegan koftas, which are so delicious and can be paired with anything you want or just ate alone with some yummy vegan sauce.


  • Sweet potato ( 4 feeds 3)

  • Large tin of chickpeas

  • Spices and herbs of your desire


  • Peel and cut the desired amount of sweet potato

  • Boil the sweet potato until soft

  • Drain the sweet potato and put into a big bowl

  • Drain chickpeas and run cold water over it

  • Put chickpeas into separate bowl and mash

  • Add the sweet potato to the same bowl and mash together, then add spices

  • Once mashed mould together into a long shape

  • Place on baking tray at 180 degrees for 30 mins

A lot of recipients use courgette instead of sweet potato so if that’s more of your taste go for it. We paired ours with hummus, pitta and rocket but you can pair this with anything, chips vegetables on the side etc. We also added roasted peppers to one of the plates, this would be a great way to add going out of date peppers.

We hope this helps give you a new idea for what to do this veganuary, and stops those random leftovers being thrown away.


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